Honai Beez Apiary’s solution is set-up social enterprise that uses apiculture and seedling production as a modality to combat deforestation and climate green urban and rural spaces. The aim is to increase forestry resources in urban and rural communities and increase sustainable livelihoods in communities through apiculture, training and associated technologies. The structure for the implementation of this solution includes:

1.                Establish a network of apiaries and green spaces across urban and rural Jamaica.

2.                Create an apiculture and value Added products training Programme for young people.

3.                Setting up a Computer Numeric Control system makers for the production of hives out of 4ft x 8ft bamboo ply.

4.                Setting up a small fund for the support of the generation of native Jamaican trees seedling and the support of the training programme.


Adrian Watson is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Honai Beez Apiary. He is a trained beekeeper functioning in the industry for approximately 8 years and is a social entrepreneur who has had over 8 years of serving with Non-Governemental Non-Profit organizations, community based organizations and has been a champion advocates for youth and local grassroots community persons rights. His background is in natural resource managment  where he did his first degree in Geography and Zoology at the University of the West Indies, Mona. 


Honai beez Apiary is supported by temporary workers and volunteers on a ad hoc basis where the are able to lean about the industry and are able to explore if the are the right fit for the industry. 



Honai Beez Apiary has had several successes over the past few years. These include:

1. Participating in the 2018 Unleash Global Innovations Lab staged in Singapore.

2. Double grant wining pitch at the 2018 and 2019 Democritizing Innovations in the Americas (DIA) Youth Innovations Lab Pitch Tank Competion based in Kingston and organized by the Institute of Law and Economics.

3. The first beekeeping training programme was conducted in 2018 in partnership with the Villgae Academy School of Agriculture.

4. One of our first cohort trainng participant was able to with a grant from his participation in the 2019 Democritizing Innovations in the Americas (DIA) Youth Innovations Lab Pitch Tank Competion.

5. Honai Beez Apiary was a 2013 JCI President Business Idea Awardee.  


“Sweetening Life Naturally”